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Error messages

Playback suddenly stopped? Error messages 1, 2, 3 or 4? No sound? None of the different tricks you found on forums, Youtube and other sites have worked?

With our unique solution you can play everything, supporting all common formats. DivX, Xvid, MKV, MPG, MP4? No problem with our method.



We know our solution works. And to prove it we give our customers 100% money back guarantee. We work with Clickbank, one of the largest internet vendors in the world, providing safe shopping solutions for our customers.

Secure and easy, to make sure you get the movie experience you deserve!

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Our product gets rid of all error messages. If the playback has halted or audio being muted. Almost all movies will have or already have this problem, so we thought we might do something about it. And now it's ready!

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New version - The latest version 2.0, includes support for Blu-Ray compatible players. Previous version also required you to set up a media server, but now you can play them directly from a USB or harddrive if you want to.

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Free updates, We continue to update our product with the latest tweaks and methods, making sure you get what you need. You'll get free updates for life when getting our product.

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Windows compatible. Our product supports Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7!


Mac OS Our product also supports Mac OS X, from version 10.4 to the latest X version.

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24/7 Support Included is our support ticket and e-mail system making sure you get the help you need.


Money back guarantee. If for some reason our product isn't working, you'll get the full amount back! And you've got 90 days to return the product. We simply know our product works for everyone, and will for a long time!

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Safe & secure purchase We sell our product through Clickbank, one of the largest and most respected vendors on the net.

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International Our product works on all consoles, whether it's a JAP, US or EU version. And you can order from which ever country you are in.


Multi support The product supports the most common video formats including MKV, DVD, VOB, AVI, DivX, XviD, WMV, MPG, MP4, AVI, MOV, DV, FLV.

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No hacks necessary You don't need to jailbreak your console in order to get our product to work. And there's no modcips or soldering required. We won't harm your PS3 or PS4 warranty.

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All firmwares supported You don't need to have a certain firmware to get our product to work properly.

Design by Remi

No illegal DRM disabling The DMCA strictly says you aren't allowed to bypass a DRM protection. Don't worry, our product is way more sophisticated, we don't need to disable anything.

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All movies are supported Worried if a certain movie isn't supported? Don't be, our product can handle all titles.

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Privacy concerns We won't sell your email, or hassle you with annoying e-mailing lists.


Exclusive content You'll get access to our VIP website with even more exclusive content.

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Unique method Our product contains methods which no one else on the net have figured out. Trust us, we've looked everywhere.

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... Plus much more! If you scroll down you'll notice we are including bonus guides!

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Does it work for both fat and slim Playstation 3 consoles?

Yes. All versions - Old or new.

Does it require a certain firmware?

Nope. Doesn't matter which firmware your Blu-Ray or media player you have.

Does it work for "Title X"?

It works with all movies, new and old! Obviously we don't support piracy, you have to follow copyright regulations and make sure to use our product for movies you are allowed to modify.

What exactly do I get when I buy your product?

Once you've completed the payment you get instant access to our download. Included are guides, downloadable software for both Mac and Windows users, step-by-step instructions and contact information to our support. As well as access to our membership-only site. The guides are divided into two groups, one for Mac users and one for Windows users. (Plus you'll get a free bonus, read more about it below!)

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes. We are confident our product works. But if for some reason it wasn't working for you - You've got 90 days to return the product!

Does it mean I get the full amount back with your guarantee?


Does it affect my Playstation 4 or Blu-Ray warranty?

No jailbreaks, modchips or soldering required. Our guides doesn't contain anything which will affect your Playstation 3 hardware.

Why won't you tell us what your solution is?

We don't want certain companies knowing what our method of getting rid of their error messages is.

I've tried several other internet solutions, why would yours work?

After months of work we've figured out a way to get around the nasty error messages. Our team consists of a professional audio engineer and a computer technician - We worked day and night to solve this problem. When we finally figured it out we beta tested it with numerous movie titles and handed out our products for reviews. When the tests came back, no one experienced any error messages any longer.

Is your product easy to understand?

Yes. We've made sure to write our step-by-step guides so everyone can understand. Even if you've never installed the a program in your life - You will understand our guide.

Do I need a media server?

Doesn't matter. You can stream it through a media server or simply plug in a USB memory and play it from there. Or even your harddrive. What suits you best!


FORMATS Supported

  • DivX & Xvid
  • MP4, DV, FLV
  • WMV, AVI


  • Works on all PS3 consoles
  • No hacking
  • No jailbreaking
  • No illegal DRM disabling
  • Money back guarantee

The Process

What others are saying....

I've tried lots of methods, like changing cables and so on. But none of those methods worked. This did, so thanks! 

Ali A.

Got an early review copy, and yes - the guide works! 

Bruce D.

It works. It plays all movies just fine now. 

Marlino T.

Worked like a charm! 

Kurt S.

FREE bonus!

We'll throw in something all PS3 owners can appreciate, how to get rid of the Yellow light of death. If you don't have problems with it now you most likely will.

THE ylod fix

Our guide has successfully repaired thousands of consoles. Now you don't need to pay $200 and wait 6 whole weeks for your console to return.

What You Get - for free!

  • You Save $200 on Repair Costs
  • Save 6 Weeks of your precious time. Fix within the hour!
  • Get rid of all your errors now and forever!
  • No more Yellow/Red Light problems!
The retail price of the YLOD PS3 Fix is $27… but it's all yours FREE with your order of the Movie Fix!




the movie fix + ylod fix!

The bonus guide will be included when you order our product below.

Go ahead, drop me a line.

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what you get:

  • You get rid of error messages while watching movies
  • Step-by-step guides with pictures
  • Software downloads included in the guide (Mac & PC)
  • A free bonus: How to solve the YLOD problem
  • Quality support
  • Free updates
  • Members-only website access
  • Money back guarantee
  • Once ordered, you get the product immediately!
  • Pre-sale questions? E-mail us!